It’s Time For Our Annual “The Padres Will Padre Until They Prove They’re Not The Padres” Blog

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. The San Diego Padres were a major disappointment this year. With the Marlins come-from-behind win tonight, the Padres have officially been eliminated from postseason contention. Yes, the same Padres who got Fernando Tatis back from suspension. The same Padres who signed Josh Hader. The same Padres who signed Nelson Cruz. The same Padres who re-upped with Manny Machado, Yu Darvish. agreed to terms with Juan Soto, Jake Cronenworth, Austin Nola, and Trent Grisham. The same Padres who have been year just about every year for the last few years.




Now sure, this year’s Padres team didn’t make sense as to why they failed spectacularly.

On paper, they’re the ’27 Yankees. But in real life, they’re every Yankees team over the last two decades (outside of 2009). Look, the Padres are Lucy with a football and their fans are Charlie Brown. And this year might have been the most deceiving yet. Because they somehow stole the playbook of their rivals up the 5 freeway and just spent more money than Harry and Lloyd in Aspen, racking up the third largest payroll in baseball. Only their IOU’s (which are as good as cash) go to their fans, because they still haven’t cashed in on any wins of substance yet. Sure, they got one over on their division rival last year in the postseason. For many, that was the NLDS, but for the Friars, it was their World Series. So I guess they have one trophy? Maybe they can melt down that trophy, turn it into a coin and spend that too.

Anyway, until next year I guess? Just don’t believe the Padres hype until the Padres prove they are no longer the Padres.


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