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Guys, The Padres Will Padre, But Until They Prove They Won’t Padre, We Can’t Hype The Padres

Maybe this title is a little misleading.

I think the Padres are absolutely loaded. And by acquiring Pirates ace Joe Musgrove (which how good of a pitcher do you need to be to be the Pirates ace? no offense, A.D.), they’re now even more loaded than they were last season. And they were LOADED last season. Their current rotation is Yu Darvish, Blake Snell, Dinelson Lamet, Joe Musgrove, and either Chris Paddack/MacKenzie Gore/Adrian Morejon. (Remember, Mike Clevinger is on IR next year – the Padres tried sneaking that one by us earlier.)

But look, The Expendables had every action star alive in that film, and yet it’s far from consideration for the greatest action movie of all time. So maybe we pump the brakes on this year’s Padres a little bit? On top of that, we’ve been here before. And not even that long ago, either.

In fact, I wrote about this earlier:

In December 2014, the Padres used the MLB Winter Meetings like Supermarket Sweep. They brought in Matt Kemp, the Upton brothers, Wil Myers, James Shields… Want me to go on? Ok. Derrick Norris, Will Middlebrooks, Brandon Marrow, Clint Barmes, and Craig Kimbrel. That squad produced 74 wins, many more headaches, and 1 giant hole in their wallet. They finished second….to last in the NL West.

via this website

What a douchey move to quote your own blog in your own blog. But the point remains. Last year’s extremely shortened 60-game season was the only time the Padres finished higher than 3rd in over a decade. The Padres are arguably the most fun team in baseball to watch – I’d argue the Braves and maybe less so the Dodgers are the other considerations in that – but I’ve been on record of saying how much I love this Padres core. I’m just saying, let’s not put the cart before the horse. Is that the right expression to use here?

Again, I’m not trying to be “that guy,” the dick who rains on people’s parades (even though it should also be noted that the San Diego Padres have never hosted a parade in their franchise’s history – unless you count whatever it was after they won the best-of-three Wild Card Round last year.)

All I’m saying is we can’t really hype the Padres until the Padres prove they’re gonna Padre.

P.S. — I will love Jayce Tingler for as long as that man is named Jayce Tingler.


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