We Regret To Inform You That The Man With MLB’s Greatest Name, Padres Manager Jayce Tingler, Has Been Fired

Jayce Tingler has been fired as the manager of arguably the biggest disappointment in baseball since the 2015 San Diego Padres.


The man’s name is Jayce Tingler.

And now the only place you’ll hear this name is in line at the unemployment office. This is a tough break for all the Jayce’s and all the Tingler’s out there. Finally, their names were in the spotlight. And after just two seasons, they’re done cakes. This is a sad day. It’s a sad day for us at Korked Bats and people who are fans of ridiculous names. Hopefully, Mr. Tingler will be able to bounce back unlike he was able to get his team to do after the All-Star break.

What was your favorite memory of Jayce Tingler’s tenure as manager of the Padres? Mine was probably the day he was hired and I learned there is a human on earth with the name of Jayce Tingler.

Godspeed, Jayce Tingler. You will always have fans of yours here at this blog. Because even though your managing wasn’t great, your name always will be. RIP in peace.

In the meantime, at least we’ll always have Lars Nootbaar.


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