The Best of June 2014

Best Of Monthly - June

It’s the last day of June. Let’s relive this fantastic month with our ten most viewed pages from the month.

Twilight - Luis Suarez

1. A Collection of Luis Suarez Biting Pictures

For the third time, Luis Suarez bit a guy during a soccer game. This time, it was during a World Cup game. So naturally, we had some fun at his expense.

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LeBron New Team Jersey - Preview

2. EXCLUSIVE: LeBron James Wearing His New Team’s Uniform

LeBron James opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat, and surprisingly, he already landed on a new team. Here’s a first look.

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Dempsey Broken Nose

3. PICTURE: Clint Dempsey’s Nose Doesn’t Look So Good

Oh gosh. Clint Dempsey’s nose looks worse than we thought, you guys.

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USMNT Bandwagon Applicaion - PREVIEW

4. USMNT Bandwagon Fan Application

To be a true USMNT fan, you must first fill out this USMNT Bandwagon Fan Application.

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Less Offensive Redskins Logos 2

5. 13 Less Offensive Redskins Mascot Ideas

As many refute the Washington Redskins’ name, we offer a variety of other options the Redskins could use if/when they change their name.

American Reporter Live Shot

6. This Reporter’s Live On-The-Air Reaction To USA Scoring Is Perfect [VIDEO]

This reporter has been waiting for a moment like this since his the first live shot of his career.

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35 Reasons To Cheer For Germany Logo

7. 35 Reasons Why You Should Cheer For Germany

Everyone was all like, “GERMANY SUCKS!” We were all like, “At least consider Germany.”

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Spelling B CD Cover

8. Jacob From The National Spelling Bee Releases New Rap Single [VIDEO]

After losing in the 2014 Scripps National Spelling Bee on the word ‘kabaragoya,’ Jacob quit the spelling game altogether and started a career in rap music. Here’s his first single.

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NBA Finals 2014 Bingo [PREVIEW]

9. Play NBA Finals BINGO With Us!

The Spurs and the Heat in the NBA Finals? Well why not play the Spurs’ players’ favorite game… SHUFFLEBOARD BINGO!

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Fiesta Bowl - Taco Bell

10. 14 Potential New Fiesta Bowl Sponsors

Tostitos ended it’s 18-year sponsorship with the Fiesta Bowl. So we came up with 14 new sponsors for the iconic bowl game.

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The Best of May 2014

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