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You Want Your Fancy Tickled? Pitchers & Catchers Report Today

Let’s go! Today is a great day.*

Now a lot of baseball fans will try and tell you that today is like Christmas morning. That couldn’t be more wrong. Christmas morning – in baseball terms – is Opening Day. مراهنات كرة القدم Today is more like Flux Capacitor Day (November 5th) – the anniversary of Doctor Emmett Brown inventing time travel. That big doofus slipped on wet porcelain while standing on his toilet seat trying to hang a photo and bumped his head. But the reason Pitchers and Catchers Reporting is more that day rather than Christmas is because 1. not everyone celebrates it, only the true die-hards do, and 2. we’re still like a month and a half away from Christmas morning.

However, regardless of how you refer to it, you can’t deny today is great. We get to hear the noise of baseballs hitting leather gloves again. And for the first time in two years it appears we may just start a season without the team owners and commissioner publicly feuding with the players. I mean, there’s still time for everything to blow up. Never underestimate Rob Manfred’s ability to botch this season. But right now, things look good. And we don’t have to call it something dumb like Summer Camp.

There are certain mile markers that let us know we’re close to spring. This is the first one. Then comes Daylight Savings Time, and then before you know it, you’re reaching in your drawer for a pair of shorts that you haven’t worn since September. Springtime, baby!

So maybe go out and play catch with someone you love. تعليم لعبة بوكر Or punch anyone who says “have a catch” in the face. Or just stay inside and eat cookie dough because the entire country is frozen right now. العاب على الهاتف That’s cool too.

Let’s play ball, it’s gameday!

*- for the Diamondbacks, Orioles, Cubs, White Sox, Tigers, Royals, Angels, Yankees, Athletics, Phillies, Pirates, Cardinals, Padres, Giants, Rangers… every other team reports tomorrow. Except for the Twins. They report on Feb. 18th.


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