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Woo Pig Sue Me! Did Arkansas Send Us A Cease And Desist For A Fake Shirt We Made 12 Years Ago? YESSIRRR!


We all know the SEC just means more. But maybe sometimes it means too much? Especially when one of their own is taking the first step of legal action against a comedic sports blog. The Arkansas Razorbacks are coming after this dumb blog for a post from over 10 years ago.

We got an email the other day from a law firm presenting a cease and desist for a blog we wrote in 2012.

2012! TWENTY-TWELVE! This blog was written in a time when we were all whoopin’ it Gangnam Style while we watched Jeremy Lin dominate the NBA in between watching the last Christopher Nolan Batman movie and the first Avengers movie, Disney was buying LucasFilm, Fifty Shades of Grey had all the suburban moms hot and bothered, and the world was supposed to end because the Mayan calendars ran out.

And oh yeah, Bobby Petrino had just been fired for the first time in Fayetteville.

What a time to (barely) be alive! So after Bob was fired by the university for *allegedly* (in case any lawyers are reading) wrecking a motorcycle with one of his employees and former Razorbacks volleyball player on the back of his hog (pun only slightly intended), there was a collection of the Razorbacks fan base that was upset. And by collection, we mean only about 200 people, less than a Chick-fil-A drive-thru.

See? It just means more. So we saw this and obviously -like the rest of the entire Internet- had to make jokes. So we posted the following blog.

If you notice, there is not a single Razorback logo or any wordmark that this law firm linked in their cease and desist. In fact, there isn’t a single mention of Arkansas Razorbacks on the very obviously fake t-shirt that we never sold, printed, or did anything more than just make the dumb joke. Now look, I don’t know if you picked up on this fact from reading this blog, but I’m no lawyer. I run a dumb sports blog on the internet in between the hours of my radio job. So I guess my question is: do we have any lawyer cool kids able to help us out here? Do we have any ground to stand on here? I don’t plan on taking it down unless they want to go to court. Which, in my opinion, would be the funniest legal case since Aunt Becky’s daughter got into USC.

(Please don’t send me a cease and desist for that joke, USC.)


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