Sunday, April 21, 2024

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Whoa! ESPN Came Down Super Hard On Dana White For Hitting His Wife, Saying: “I Love Him, I Wish The Best For Him”

Whoa! Call off the dogs. I mean damn, ESPN. All Dana White did was slap his wife a couple of times in a nightclub on video. No need to come down on the guy so hard with phrases like, “He’s a friend” and “I love him.” And then Stephen A. really brings down the wrath of God by saying, “I just wish the best for him and his family.” You would think that with ESPN’s business ventures in mind, as direct partners with the UFC, they would maybe take it easy on their reporting and coverage on the absolute scumbag that is Dana White.

But real talk: what in the hell?!

Now, it should be noted that as biased as ESPN is in their coverage of things they air on their network (like the SEC, the NBA and anything the Manning brothers do), we too carry similar biases. Not sure if you picked up on this fact or not, but we kinda like Derrick Henry. And for as much as we like Derrick Henry, we carry that same amount of disdain for Dana White. And the UFC. Don’t get me wrong, mixed martial arts is awesome. But when UFC had our Instagram account permanently deactivated, it changed how we viewed the league and the human penis who runs it. We worked extremely hard for a year half growing our Instagram account, loading it with content, and watching the follower count grow. And after posting one :15 second clip (shorter than the clip of him hitting his wife) of a fight that had already concluded, our account was gone. No warning. No strike. Just gone. Like Dana’s hair. So yeah. We hate him. Which means our reporting on the fact that he literally committed domestic violence ON TAPE only adds gas to the heaping fire we already had burning under him.

So when the World Wide Leader fails to lead in their coverage of this disgusting human and his even more disgusting actions, it’s pretty damning, offensive, and quite frankly, frustrating.

And to the UFC stans who feel the need to defend Dana’s actions – despite the fact that Dana himself isn’t even defending his actions – saying things like, “But Dana’s wife hit him first!” It doesn’t matter when or if a woman hits you. You never hit a woman. Never. Like never ever. Never ever ever. Just never. And you certainly don’t do it twice like Dana did in the video.

But hey, at least Stephen A. Smith had the balls to go on national TV to say that a guy who slapped his wife is his “friend” and he wishes “the best for him and his family.” Hopefully, the UFC is able to recover from this extremely damning PR hit faster than the fighters in their league recover from bouts. Ya know, because they don’t get long-term health insurance and all.


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