Thursday, April 25, 2024

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VIDEO: Sports Talk Radio Reacted Very Civally To A Single Ryan Tannehill Tweet… Lol, JK! THEY LOST THEIR MINDS!

The other day, Ryan Tannehill’s Twitter account posted a very mundane and pretty boring sponsored post. Who cares, right? Well, apparently content-starved sports talk radio hosts do. A lot. They spent a lot of time talking about it. But don’t worry, they handled it very maturely and with a lot of nuance. Lol, SIKE! THEY DIDN’T! So here’s a video parodying their reaction. Is there a specific sports talk radio host this video is referencing? No. Not one. A few. People within the Nashville market probably know, so no need to name names. But it’s trying to turn something out of nothing, which I will give credit for. Because most of the time sports talk radio hosts turn nothing out of something, as most of the time the bare minimum is put into content that could be great. However, this Tannehill they chose to die on felt like a bit of a Freddie Freeman stretch. No matter your thoughts on Ryan Tannehill as a quarterback – or even as the Titans quarterback – I think we can all agree, this was Andy Cohen-levels of trying to produce drama. Anyway, hope you enjoy the video.

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