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UConn’t Believe Your Eyes

This video is a creative spin on the trick shot masters over at Dude Perfect. This is UConn backup QB Johnny McEntee messing around with his buddies at UConn’s practice facilities.

If this kid is so good at throwing a football and so pin-point accurate with his throws, why is he not the starter? Does the UConn coaching staff even realize how good of a quarterback this kid is? Heck, do UConn fans even realize they have sports other than women’s basketball?

This got me thinking, what other throws could McEntee attempt to make? With all that time as a backup quarterback on his hands, he has limitless trick-throw potential. Below is the unofficial list for the second edition of “Backup Division-1 Quarterbacks with Lots of Time on Their Hands.”

  • Full court alley-oop to UConn point guard Kemba Walker
  • Throw a football through a moving vehicle that has the driver and passenger windows rolled down
  • Throw a football through a racing NASCAR that has the driver and passenger nets pulled down

  • Attempt to pull off Jason Campbell’s trademark throw
  • Throw a football in Cowboys Stadium without hitting the giant scoreboard (very tough)
  • He could do the Brett Favre throw and force a throw into triple coverage

  • He could just throw that football over them mountains
  • Land a ball on top of the goalpost
  • Hit former UConn Lady Husky Rebecca Lobo’s forehead (Wait, nevermind. That’s too easy.)
  • Throw a ball that Green Bay Packers wide receiver James Jones wouldn’t drop (might need several takes)

You’re welcome, McEntee. We’ll be expecting a video with these trick shots soon.

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