Saturday, May 25, 2024

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Too Soon?

Hi friends,

I must apologize for my recent hiatus from Korked Bats. I know that my faithful readers (thank you, you and you) have likely not left their computers for the last 6 days, as they’ve sat there refreshing the page repeatedly, just waiting for a new post. For that I apologize.
I’m making this shortened post for a few reasons:
  1. A big thanks to everyone that commented on my creative project post last week. I submitted my entire Tour Team application and will know by the end of the week whether or not I’ll be getting an interview. So here’s my gratitude, written as if it were the name of a girl’s Facebook album: “Thanx, luv, and face-in-a-hole!!”
  2. Consider this a prelude to my next two posts. I’m putting together what will hopefully be a thought-provoking personality profile piece on an enigmatic athlete, and a post about the NBA’s stretch run. My goal is to have both out by Friday.

So tonight I was texting with my buddy Keith about the Royals. He’s an incredibly optimistic Royals fan, and we’ve been shooting quite a few texts back and forth recently about the upcoming season. I’ve tried to stay within myself this entire offseason- about both the Chiefs and the Royals- but on Saturday the Royals signed a legit set-up guy and the Chiefs got a potential franchise QB for the 34th overall pick. We were texting, and I inexplicably became super jazzed for the Royals’ season- allowing myself to ignore 24 straight years of mediocrity. Before I could stop myself, I had spent 30 minutes looking at fantasy projections, read Rany Jazayerli’s post about Cruz’ effect on the bullpen, and entertained the idea of the Royals winning their weak division before finally throwing my hands around my own neck and hurling myself to the floor to get control of my emotions. Why am I allowing myself to get excited about the Kansas City Royals in March?!

Ugh. I’m like the Rihanna of sports fans: I just keep on coming back.
Too soon?

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