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Tony LaRussa, What’s Your Deal?!

While I was surfing the interwebs the other day, I came across this video below. It’s a video made by a St. Louis Cardinals fan ripping on their skipper, Tony LaRussa. It kind of makes sense when you think about it.

LaRussa has a career .544 win percentage with the St. Louis Cardinals. He has won two NL pennants and one World Series. He’s also won the NL Central seven times since coming to St. Louis. (Which isn’t saying a whole lot. Trying to fend off the Cubs, Pirates, Reds, Astros, and Brewers is about as tough as playing Marco Polo with Helen Keller.) So I can see how Cardinals fans would be upset with his managerial skills.

Wait… No. I don’t understand.

The Cardinals are currently a game out of first place and flip flopping the division lead with the Cinncinati Reds every other week. Whatever he’s doing must be working and has been since he came to St. Louis.

Although, the video does make great points. It’s almost as if Tony LaRussa takes his position too seriously. Like he has to make moves when they don’t seem necessary just to remind everyone that he is, in fact, a manager.

Of course, it feels like he has to be angry all the time and have a lack of kindness towards the media to remind everyone that he did, in fact, get a DUI after falling asleep in his car at a green light.

And, love him or hate him, you have to admit that Tony LaRussa is the hipster of Major League managers. Always depressed and down, never wants to discuss his feelings or actions, and his pants are are always so tight! Not like tight as in cool, but tight as in “how is he not talking in a higher pitched voice because of his man berries being squeezed like lemons?” tight.


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