Time Flies During Football Season

It’s like how the old saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Obviously, football season is fun. We all know that. It’s one of the most fun times of the year. From pee-wee football all the way to the pros, there’s usually at least one game every single night. And if you’re foreign or something, trust me, games are a lot of fun (Unless you’re the Cleveland Browns).

To prove to you just how true this saying is, we have a video to prove it. The New York Giants (who play in New Jersey) and the New York Jets (who also play in New Jersey) opened their new stadium, New Meadowlands Stadium, for regular season play last weekend. They Giants played at home against the Panthers on Sunday afternoon, while the Jets had a date with the Ravens on Monday night.

Wait, what? How do they change the field from Giants to Jets in the course of one day?

Well, I’m glad I rhetorically asked. Watch this time elapsed video showing the change over. (Not to mention, it shows both football games… In their entirety! Don’t tell Goodell though, I’m sure this breaks some NFL copyright infringements of some sort.)


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