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THINGS I LIKE (This Week): Lamar Jackson’s Poop Game

It’s not everyday a reigning NFL MVP leaves a game for like thirty minutes to take a massive dump fix his cramps. Those cramps must’ve been really bad. In fact, I bet he tried to hold in the cramps for as long as he could and then at some point, he just gave in and realized those cramps were coming whether he liked it or not. So I’m sure he grabbed his phone, an extra roll of toilet paper, and just went to the bathroom to let those cramps out. Always one of the best feelings in the world after you let a cramp out that you’ve been holding in for a long time. العاب الخيول Here’s hoping he gave a courtesy flush immediately after the cramps were released. العاب تربح مال حقيقي Anyway, watch the video for this week’s THINGS I LIKE… with a Trace McSorley mention. 365 bet

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