They Make It Look So Japanese-y

I’m not sure if you remember the last AMAZING catch by a Japanese outfielder, but this one just might be even better. If not, it sure is close. With amazing plays like this, I wonder if when the Japanese watch MLB highlights, it’s like watching Little League highlights for them. They probably say something like, “Wing ting tang. Zing zang zong. Tee tee bebop.” Which of course is translated into something like, “Those sirry Amelicans. They tly sew hawd. They pray basebarr rike keeeds.”

Well, ya know what, Japan?! We invented the sport. So… You’re welcome! And you better be careful, or we’ll Harry Truman you guys again. Don’t test us.

Speaking of Harry Truman, this catch, again, happened for the Hiroshima Carp. In fact, this catch had more than just that in common with the first amazing catch of the season. This catch was against the same team (Yokohama Baystars), off of the same pitcher (Saitou Yuki), and in the same stadium (Mazda Zoom-Zoom Stadium… Yes, I said Mazda Zoom-Zoom Stadium). However, this catch was made by their center fielder while the first catch was made by the right fielder.

I’d tell you more about this catch but the description of the video is written entirely in Japanese. And I can barely read English… So… That poses a bit of a problem.


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