The Titan Experiment (Final)

We finally got a lil’ logo for this ongoing post and it’s over. Great timing.

As a lot of you know, the Tennessee Titans won their first game of the season this week. They were able to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars, 30-13.

Titans fans across the country were able to breathe a sigh of relief. However, no breath of relief was heard louder than that of avid Korked Bats reader, Jeff.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with this project, Jeff vowed to not shave until the Titans won their first game of the season.

Jeff with no beard
Jeff after the Titans fell to 0-4
Jeff after the Titans fell to 0-5
Jeff after the Titans fell to 0-6
Jeff after the Titans Bye Week

Now finally, here is the last remaining footage of Jeff with his beard.

Here it is right before shave:

Here it is right before Chris Hansen intervened:

And finally, after 5 weeks of no shaving, here is Jeff with a clean face:

However, now Jeff has to deal with “No Shave November”. Horrible timing on the Titans part.

It’s been a fun ride, Jeff. You gave Titans fans something to look forward to even after a loss. So on behalf of Titans fans, Korked Bats readers, and beard enthusiasts everywhere, allow me to say

(Hopefully, we’ll see you back in 2010?!)


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