The Best Of August 2014

Best Of Monthly - August

It’s the last day of August. Let’s relive this fantastic month with our ten most viewed pages from the month.

Rams Quarterback List

1. The St. Louis Rams’ Quarterbacks To Call List

After Sam Bradford was lost for the season, the St. Louis Rams had to turn to their Quarterbacks To Call List to find a new quarterback.

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Baseball's Unwritten Rules 2

2. Baseball’s Unwritten Rules, Written Down

For years, we’ve all heard about Baseball’s Unwritten Rules… Well, we decided to take it upon ourselves to write these unwritten rules down.

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SEC Network Shows Logo 3

3. 22 SEC Network Shows You WON’T See

The SEC Network launched on August 14th, we compiled a list of 22 shows that you WON’T see on their network.

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Alabama Crimson Tide Bandwagon Application Quiz - PREVIEW

4. Alabama Crimson Tide Bandwagon Application Quiz

Want to hop on the Alabama Crimson Tide’s bandwagon? Well, to do so, you must first pass this quiz.

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20 Best Cleveland Browns Quarterbacks

5. The 20 Best Cleveland Browns Quarterbacks

The Cleveland Browns have been known for starting multiple quarterbacks every single season. We took all of those quarterbacks and ranked them from best to worst.

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Kansas New Uniforms

6. We Fixed That Kansas Jayhawks New #CrimsonChrome Uniform Video

The Kansas Jayhawks unveiled some really ugly uniforms with a hype video earlier this month. We fixed their video to be a little bit more truthful.

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24 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 1

7. The Most Suspenseful #IceBucketChallenge Video You Will Ever Watch [VIDEO]

Have you guys heard of this Ice Bucket Challenge fad? This is the best one out there.

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Basic RGB

8. College Football Playoff Bracket Predictions

This year, college football unveiled the College Football Playoff. We filled out 9 different brackets and explained our motives behind each one.

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Vanderbilt Uniform Protest

9. Vanderbilt Unveils Even Newer Uniforms

The Vanderbilt Commodores were nearly penalized for wearing Anchor Down on the back of their jerseys, before the NCAA ruled that they would no longer be allowed to wear them anymore. So Vanderbilt went ahead and unveiled even NEWER uniforms.

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Hunter Pence Sign - 4

10. Our 39 Best Hunter Pence Signs

Aside from the Ice Bucket Challenge, the next biggest fad was making Hunter Pence signs. So we decided to get on the act and made 39 of our own.

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