Tedy or Not, It’s Time To Retire

Yesterday was an emotional day in the football world.

Patriots linebacker and New York City Fireman look alike, Tedy Bruschi retired yesterday concluding a 13 year career that included 4 Super Bowls, a Pro Bowl, and a stroke.

The NFL’s Uncle Tedy is gone.

Now that football is over, Tedy plans to return to his acting career and rejoin the gang on the set of CHIPS.

Bruschi held a press conference yesterday to make the announcement, in which him, head coach Bill Belichick and team owner Robert Kraft all spoke.

Most people tuned out when Belichick spoke, only because no one can stand listening to his emotionless monotone voice.

Honestly, I think Clear Eyes may have a new spokesperson once Ben Stein retires. But that’s besides the point.

Today we want to pay homage to the man… Tedy Bruschi.

…Even though with the way things have been going in the NFL lately (coughBRETTFAVREcough and coughDERRICKMASONcough), Tedy will probably come out of retirement and come back to play another season.

Tedy was one heck of a player, so in honor of his outstanding career, which included being the backbone of Super Bowl winning defenses, Korked Bats decided to bring you a list of the greatest Tedys (orTeddys) of all time!

The Greatest Teddys of All Time

Teddy Roosevelt
The 26th U.S. President

Teddy Kennedy
Recently deceased U.S. Senator, R.I.P.

Teddy Thompson
Green Bay Packers General Manager

Teddy Thompson
British Folk and Rock Musician (Not Same Guy From Above)

A Form of Bodysuit-like Lingerie

Teddy Danson
Co-starred alongside Macaulay Culkin in blockbuster movie, Getting Even With Dad

Teddy Turner
American Media Mogul and Owner of the Thinnest Mustache in History

Teddy Bear
Stuffed Animal

Teddy Nugent
American Hard Rock Guitarist, Vocalist, and Crazy Person


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