Sunday Night Breaking News

Well, maybe this isn’t really all that “breaking”. And maybe it’s a bit lacking in relevancy and importance. But I thought I’d chime in on this Sunday night and Let you know a couple of things:

1. Terrell Brown is huge.

2. Michael LaPayower is a nerd.

Let me expand…

Meet Terrell Brown. He’s 6′ 11″ and claims to weigh 415 lbs. SEC beware. He’s a walk-on for the Ole Miss Rebels. See, this is why i didn’t play organized football growing up. I knew I’d run into someone like this one day (that, and the fact I got flat WORKED during spring practice at Woodland Middle School). He apparently was working in a furniture store in Cleveland. MS two years ago. At first I thought for sure he must be the Flea Market Montgomery guy, but then realized that guy’s actually 8 3″‘ and his store is in Montgomery.

Watch this:

This is such an uncomfortable video to watch. I wonder if this guy knows he shouldn’t show his face in New York ever again. Notice how he differentiates the Katy Perry part with the Snoop Dogg part by merely putting on sunglasses. I bet this guy still uses MySpace.

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