Stomping on LeBron’s Thunder

So when Austin asked me to join his blog, two thoughts entered my mind:

2) Then I wondered when I would have time to write about sports between work at The Barrel, reading Old English Literature, watching the same recycled Kobe highlights, reading Bill Simmons, awkward debates in my classes about the KKK (LIVE FROM ARTS AND SCIENCES AUDITORIUM!), Mario Kart 64, pumping dumbbells like Svend Karlson and racking up accolades on Mario 64 with my girlfriend like a modern day Dylan and Baez. Where could I get an hour to an hour-and-fifteen a week to provide commentary on the worlds best genre and still do it justice?

So as I was (not) listening to an off-topic debate in my Journalism class about the KKK after a boy in my class unwittingly made a comment about his podunk Missouri town (quick tangent- get with the program every city in Missouri with a population under 1,000, WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT! No one cares that your great-great-great grandpa died under Stonewall Jackson’s command, TAKE DOWN YOUR CONFEDERATE FLAG. Thanks.), I had an epiphany. I’ll just post during my Tuesday/Thursday Jounalism class! It’s a pre-sequence journalism class (time filler to the umpteenth degree), our professor posts class notes online and tells us what is going to be on the tests as we copy down notes, and he is about as effective as Professor Binns from Harry Potter at keeping a classes attention. Why waste time in my dorm that I could use for something productive (like trying to figure out how Rocky could dunk in 3 Ninjas?) when I could finally use this utterly useless class- that we pay an inordinate amount of cash for each year, to drop insight about things on your brains. 

(Note, I’m saying this as a girl in front of me is playing Snood on her MacBook, a guy next to me is watching Man U highlights, another nearby girl is checking the weather on her iPhone, and some dude is flipping through some girl’s Facebook album at an alarming rate) 

This idea excites me greatly…

**Hold on, we’re doing a clicker question on Schnauzer dog shows (do I need to elaborate any further?)**

…because this will leave me more time to watch Kobe’s nuts-in-your-face dunk on Dwight Howard for the 37th time!! OH YEZZZZZZZ!!!! 

Well class is over, so I’ll have to post number one quickly. This was my first blog since my Xanga days (my tag was xclubcalix, hit me up!), so if I didn’t follow blog etiquette, then I apologize. Also, my main point in this post was sending Austin’s post with the video of LeBron’s overrated triple double at MSG last night to second. Sorry Austin!

Sign off line in the works,


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