Shannon Sharpe Can’t Stop Calling Stephen A. “Skip”


And this all comes a week after Stephen A. had to bust out the nametag for his new employee.

Look, I get it. I call my cohost by my wife’s name all the time and vice versa. It’s awkward and difficult to overcome. Imagine if Shania did this in his last gig. Like if he referred to Trent Dilfer as John Elway. That would just be awkward for everyone. And insulting to Elway. Maybe they need to bust out a swear jar at the Worldwide Leader. Best way to drive a point home is through their wallet. So listen, Shane. Take it from me. Start charging yourself a dollar every time you say “Skip.” Consider it an FCC violation. Even if it’s said in passing, like “I skipped breakfast this morning.” That way, Shawn, you eliminate that word/name out of your entire vocabulary. Trust me, Shakira. It’s the method that works best. When I first started on the air here in Chicago, I had a plethora of verbal ticks that I had to overcome, so we set up a jar. And once you have to start paying up, that’s when you really put thought into it, and before you know it, it’s muscle memory. It works, undisputed.

I also find it funny how Sharon dropped the ball in a segment where they were discussing Kadarius Toney. SKIIIIIIIIIIP!!!


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