Shame On The NCAA For Starting The National Championship At 9:20 On A School Night

Wow, NCAA. You really care about your student-athletes, don’t ya? Never mind it took you like 150 years or whatever to start paying them, but now you’re still doing something way worse. Starting games late on a school night. What are you a recently-divorced irresponsible parent? Do you not expect the student-athletes from Kansas to wake up and make it to class on time tomorrow morning? And I only say Kansas, because we know all of North Carolina’s classes are fake. But still, it’s time something needs to be said. You’re keeping them out late on a school night and you’re not a greek organization? Shame on you. Shame on you Mark Emmert for giving less care to these student-athletes than you do your eyebrows.

And yes, I’m writing this blog solely on behalf of the players because their well-being and health is all I care about and you should too. I’m definitely not writing this blog because I’m getting older and need to get to bed at a reasonable hour. No, this is ALL for the student-athletes. And notice how I didn’t say athlete-students. Because student comes first. Always. And it should here too. Let’s compromise and say 3:30pm tipoff? That way we’ll make it home from work in time for the end. I mean, the student-athletes will have time to study after the game.

Please change your communist ways, NCAA.


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