Saint Nick

As you come down I-59 south from Birmingham, Alabama, you begin to smell the sweet nector of Saint Nicholas. From within 15 miles of Tuscaloosa, if you know how to properly “waft”, your daily performance is increased tenfold. However, if you go about 861 more miles to the southeast, you’ll begin to taste that taste that Luby’s Macarooni and Cheese used to give the roof of my mouth (i.e. life changing).

So why is there such a distinct difference in the opinion of Ssssssaban?

I just got back from the University of Alabama’s coaching clinic for high school coaches. On Thursday night, Sssssaban walked into “The Cave”, which is where we ate our food. Safe to say, you could feel everyone clinchin’ the old sphincter and making sure their napkin was in their lap. The man has an attitude that exudes business – check check – first class. A demeanor that gave him the entire room. He later spoke to the entire clinic for around 45 minutes.

This man is world class. On top of that, he is an outstanding and unbelievable coach. Just because he isn’t as social as Lane Kiffin or as nerdy as Jim Tressel doesn’t mean that he is the donkey everyone thinks he is.

Would you rather him be like this?

• • •

For you Miami Dolphin fans (I’m a closet fan), I understand your anger and your thoughts of being betrayed. However, he did it much better than if you would have done it your way.

• • •

Take 5 minutes to watch this.

For those of you who are straining your neck in an effort to understand this, he told the Miami press he was not considering the Alabama coaching job. Then, a few days after the season, he was placing his scent in Tuscaloosa.

• • •

Moral of this Post:
Much like you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, don’t judge Nick Saban by the “Talking Heads” on ESPN.

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