Replacement Refs Not Sure What To Do Now

A day after getting canned from their dream (read: nightmare) jobs, the NFL’s replacement referees have had a hard time deciding what to do now.

“It’s as if real life was a football game,” NFL spokesman Jon Rajpura said. “They have no idea what to do now. They’ve been huddled up since the announcement was made late Wednesday night.”

Sources told us the replacement referees tossed around many ideas as to what they should do, but like a ball going over the top of a field goal upright, they couldn’t decide if their ideas were good or not.

Experts expect them to make a wrong decision and just run away immediately following.

When it comes to their time in the League, many replacement refs enjoyed their experience and look to take a lot away from it.

“I want to keep these uniforms,” said replacement referee Frank Carter. “I could really use it at my other job [as a stripper]. How’s this? ‘OFFENSIVE PERSONAL FOUL, ILLEGAL USE OF THE HANDS!’ Eh?! I’m going to use that one!”

Some replacement referees, like Cam Walters, went off the record to tell us they’ll never forget their time spent as an NFL referee.

“I’ll never forget the first football game I ever saw. I mean, it’s hard to forget that first day on the job, ya know?” Walters said.

Unfortunately for them, the dream (read: nightmare, again) had to end some time. It’s like the old saying goes: “All pretty lousy things must come to an end at some point.” Now replacement referees are forced to return to regular work and their previous jobs.

“I’ll probably just go back to my job as a regular NFL referee,” NFL referee Tim Gundy told us.

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