Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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Really, Buffalo???

It’s completely fine if you want to chuckle to yourself.

Honestly, who knew T.O. would be the last pick in the sandlot. Does he know where Buffalo is? I heard that Bills QB is going to make a comeback just for him though. So how is Trent Edwards going to affect the most inconsistent and over-rated receiver of this decade? I can’t see Terrell giving T-Ed a post game cry-sesh. It’s too cold in Buffalo to pop popcorn, soooo that’s out. Second year wide-out James Hardy holds the 81 jersey, sooo who wins that war?

This will be interesting.

Dear NFL and HBO, please don’t take your beloved reality show, Hard Knocks, to Buffalo. PLEASE! That would be as boring as watching a documentary on S-Club7’s new European tour. All of this is just to say,

“Really, Buffalo???”

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