Quarterback Wonderlic Test Scores Have Been Posted, And Eyeballs Emoji!

I don’t know about you, but I get all of my NFL news from @First_N_Goal1 on Twitter. Honestly, I can’t think of a more reliable source. You know it’s credible not only because of his 646 followers, but because of the dog on a back deck as his profile pic.

Now that’s we’ve legitimized this tweet, let’s take a gander.

Nate Stanley (Iowa): 40
Jake Fromm (Georgia); 35
Joe Burrow (LSU): 34
Jake Luton (Oregon State): 29
Jordan Love (Utah State): 27
Justin Herbert (Oregon): 25
Anthony Gordon (Washington State): 25
Brian Lewerke (Michigan State): 25 
Jacob Eason (Washington): 23
James Morgan (Florida International): 23
Jalen Hurts (Oklahoma): 18
Tua Tagovailoa (Alabama): 13

Nate Stanley is the quarterback from Iowa. Him getting the top score isn’t surprising in the least. A score of 20 indicates average intelligence. Players from Iowa seem like Ivy League guys who just wanted to stay close to home to work on their dad’s farm.

What is shocking is Tua Tagovailoa. Did they post his Wonderlic score or his football number? I hope, for his sake, it’s the latter. People have already been hinting at passing on him for his hip issues, but now he might have brain issues too? And if you don’t think Wonderlic scores have any bearing on players’ success, remember Vince Young got a 6 and his career pretty much ended with him going M.I.A. and him throwing shoulder pads into the stands.

And then if you check out one spot higher… Hey, at least Jalen Hurts beat out Tua in something. Honestly, this isn’t the greatest look for Alabama. Especially, when they’re fresh off a year of missing the College Football Playoff and earning a 50-burger ranking in US News and World Report’s “Best States” education ranking for 2019. Woof.

Gone are the days for Alabama when they had guys like Greg McElroy who posted the highest Wonderlic score for a QB (48, tied with Ryan Fitzpatrick – who, in case you were unaware, went to Harvard) but then failed to do anything in the NFL.

For those who don’t know, the Wonderlic is a test prospective NFL players take at the NFL Combine. They have 12 minutes to answer 50 questions. It’s not the hardest questions in the world, it’s more of an aptitude test, but the downside is they make the scores public afterwards. It’s like when your college professor would post exam scores on the door to his office for literally everyone to see. Which is fine if you’re the Nate Stanleys of the world, but sucks if you’re a Mario Manningham (who got a 6) or a Morris Claiborne (who got a 4). The median score by profession for janitors is 14. Morris Claiborne didn’t even get a third of that. Good thing Morris Claiborne was good at a cover two, because he’s technically too dumb to mop floors and get balls off high school roofs.

I will say this. If you get under a 15 on the Wonderlic, you should be forced to have to take the Wonderlic home and get it signed by your parents. That might get players to try a little harder on these things.

I do, however, wonder how these guys would do in the NEW Wonderlic Test we made.


Also, speaking of the NFL Combine


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