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Putting Your Pants On, Daly

In the recent news, much like all news, we’ve found that Americans have trouble dressing themselves. If you’re a musician, you HAVE to wear jeans of another sexual gender. If you’re hood you HAVE to wear clothes that would fit someone 100 lbs. heavier. If you’re in the 7th grade, your jeans MUST be JNCO Jeans. If you are a doctor or nurse, you HAVE to wear your scrubs to run all your errands around town. If you’re a business man/woman, you HAVE to wear something that chokes your neck. If you work at the Renaissance Festival, you HAVE to wear clothes from medieval times.

But what about if you are a professional golfer?

Tiger and Phil like to keep things simple when out on the links. However, many other golfers find it fun to stray away from the typical slacks and polo combo.

Here’s a few golfers on tour that love to mix things up in the looks bin.

Ian Poulter

Camillo Villegas
(OK. Sorry, he doesn’t dress that bad. I just really wanted to show you that.)

Shingo Katayama

John Daly
Click here are a few more of Mr. Daly. Little known fact, John Daly always wears two pairs of pants on the golf course. In case he gets a hole in one.

Keep a look out for these men as they compete this weekend in the 2009 British Open.

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