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Pullin’ The Ole Switcharoo!

Less than 24 hours after John Calipari left Memphis to become Kentucky’s new head coach, the Tigers athletic department decided to pull the ole switcharoo!

The University of Memphis offered a 5 year deal for just over $8 million dollars to former Wildcat head coach, Billy Gillispie.

Memphis thought about being an “Indian giver” and taking Calipari back after he signed with Kentucky but then realized they will try and work the jealousy card.

Memphis Athletic Director, R.C. Johnson said: “We hope that with this deal for Gillispie, Kentucky will become jealous and long for what they had with Billy. Then maybe they’ll dump Calipari and come crawling back to Billy.”

Gillispie agreed that he was in on the whole thing with Memphis. He just wants his Old Kentucky Home back.

Is this all childish?

We say yes.

But then again, what more would you expect from a guy named Billy?


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One thought on “Pullin’ The Ole Switcharoo!

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    April 3, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    gillispie would fit in at memphis about as well as jay cutler at josh mcdaniel’s birthday party.

    he’s a great x’s and o’s guy and a decent recruiter, but after calipari they’re gonna need someone with at least a hint of sex appeal(maybe an ex-nba coach).

    gillispie has to be only one of a handful of decent looking men (no homo) who is a multi millionaire yet is unmarried and doesn’t even have a ladyfriend (although word on the street says he had quite a friendly relationship with a uk student during his time there…c’mon billy, you’re a man, you’re FORTY..something)

    he wont be coaching anywhere next season. i’ll put a twenty on it. any takers? didn’t think so.


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