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Pujols On Letterman

If there is three things we have learned from Albert Pujols being on The Late Show with David Letterman on Monday night, it’s:

  1. Albert Pujols didn’t impress.
  2. Denis Leary can’t pitch.
  3. And Dave Letterman can rock sneakers with his suit.

Albert Pujols is far and away the best player in the game of baseball right now. Which is why I was excited to see him mash some soft baseballs on 53rd street in New York. Unfortunately, I was let down. Pujols didn’t perform. Is it because he is having his worst season of his career? (I say “worst” season yet the man machine is still producing career like numbers that anyone would kill to have while at the top of the leader board in various statistical categories) Or maybe because he was facing a guy with Boston Red Sox apparel on? Because we all know how it turned out for Pujols last time.

Of course we do have to give a lot of credit to Albert for playing baseball in those designer jeans. If I played baseball in my nice clothes, my mom would KILL me! But enough about Albert…

It’s no wonder Scotty Smalls was so bad at baseball, Denis Leary taught him how to throw. Leary only gave Pujols about four or five hittable balls. Of course, that’s more hits than Leary has produced with his entire acting career. So, not a big surprise there.

And then there is Dave. Well… There’s not much to say about Dave except for the fact that he continues to be the hilarious drama-free king of late night television. Oh and also, he’s really old.


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