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We all know how great of a cheater coach Pete Carroll is. His cheating success at USC has gone unrivaled over the past decade which led to his new NFL head coaching job with the Seattle Seahawks. Pete is a players coach. He makes sure his team does what it takes to win, but he especially makes sure his team gets paid has fun in doing it.

Most recently, Pete Carroll uploaded to Twitter a video of the Seahawks getting pranked by a “Gatorade cooler” in the offices. It’s a pretty funny video to see each guy’s reaction to the fake snake inside.

Of course, Pete hasn’t just starting doing pranks since re-entering the NFL as a coach. He used to pull pranks on his team all the time at USC. Here are a couple pranks he did there. And no, none of these pranks involve boosters paying his players money. Those weren’t pranks.

Pete Carroll’s April Fool’s Day Joke 2008

Captain Compete (Will Ferrell) Saves The Day


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