Sunday, April 21, 2024

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Peyton Manning’s Breakdown of ‘Emily In Paris’ Proves We Need A ManningCast For Every Netflix Show

Dammit, Peyton Manning should not be this good. No one who was that good at football should also be that good at comedy. Like Pat McAfee. Maybe there’s just something in the water in Indianapolis? Hell, the Colts losing to the Jaguars in Week 18 was comedic gold. As for Pey-Pey’s inexplicable comedy chops, I’m sure many NFL teams felt the same thing during most of Peyton’s career as he is far from the fastest, he never had the strongest arm, and he ate plenty of strawberries in his career. And yet he would just roll out with his dad bod and crush it every Sunday, like he did on Saturday. Now sure, this isn’t quite his United Way sketch where he was darting children in the back of the skull nor is it as funny as his final season in Denver when he needed to crow-hop a 5-yard out route, but it’s still damn funny. Look, SNL, go ahead and let him host again. To this day, no athlete has ever come close to delivering an episode as funny as his. Hell, most actors have failed to live up to his hosting gig. *cough* Remi Malek *cough* In fact, don’t just stop at letting him host. Let him join the damn cast. Or at very least, Netflix, let this dude create a ManningCast for every show you’ve got. I’d love this dude to break down the film of Ozark Season 4 Part 1. What does he think about the situation Marty Byrde got himself in? As a guy who spent most of his career under pressure, I’m sure he’d have some sort of answer.


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