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Patrick Mahomes Absolutely BIG-LEAGUED Tom Brady (During Their Post-Game Handshake)

Another year, another Mahomes-Brady showdown on SNF with my beloved Chiefs getting another regular-season dub. The 41-31 final score makes it seem closer than it actually was, and Patrick once again proved that he is the best QB in the league.

End of Discussion.

Not only did the Chiefs walk away with the win, but Patrick absolutely BIG-LEAGUED Tom–not in the game, mind you–but in this post-game handshake:

Now, on the surface it seems pretty cordial. Your typical pleasantries can be heard. 

“Good luck this year, man”

“You too bro”

“You looked great”

TB12 then says “Keep it up” and Pat follows up with a line that has to have rocked the core of Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.

“Yes, Sir”

You can almost see Tom’s soul implode as he walks away.

“Yes, Sir”

It cut him like a hot knife through a stick of butter.

It’s patronizing, petty, savage and we’re absolutely here for it. Patrick just said “Yes, Sir” to him the way you would to a grandparent who just gave some terrible and possibly offensive advice, but you’re too respectful to correct them. Truly, the only time I break out a “Yes, Sir” in any situation is when I’m clearly speaking with someone much older than myself and/or trying to sell something.

You know Tom is going to be playing this moment over and over in his head this week. It’ll either crush his will to play, or motivate him to play another 5 years.

Dammit, it’s probably the latter.

UPDATE: Here’s a breakdown of the moment…


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