OMG! Someone Put The Crying Jordan Face On MJ’s Body And It’s Hilarious

The World Wide Webz has done it again!

If you’ve been on the Internet at all over the past year or two, you’ve OBVI seen people take the Crying Jordan face and photoshop it onto other athletes and situations in sports to recognize ultimate FAILZ! (That’s fails with a z, because epic fails deserve funny spelling… LOL! ROFL!)

Well, some brilliant Internet user took the crying Michael Jordan meme and what he did next might shock you.

He photoshopped that weeping MJ on to… get this… Michael Jordan’s body! WHAAAATTT?!


Take a look:

Crying Michael Jordan


YAAASSSSS! I’m literally dying right now.

No, like seriously, call an ambulance. Looking at this picture has cause heart palpitations and I’m on the floor convulsing! THAT’S how EPIC this sweet pic is!

Seriously, I’m *dead*.

*shuts coffin*

*arises as ghost emoji*

*ghost emoji dies too*

OMG! It’s perfect. Michael Jordan’s crying face fits flawlessly onto Michael Jordan’s body! Whoever thought of this is a genius! Seriously, WHO DID THIS FAM?! Like, I can’t even right now.

Totes epic! On Fleek! Boss!

This post was written by literally any BuzzFeed writer.


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