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Maybe It’s Time NCAA Athletes Stop Getting Paid If These Are The Types Of Commercials We’re Gonna Get

How is it that Kansas can pull off one of the biggest wins in their program’s history while also delivering one of their most embarrassing losses in the same week?

What the hell is this?

Did anyone watch this before they submitted it? Did people actually view this video and think, “Yeah, that’s it right there.” No video has made me want to eat at Chili’s more than this one. Don’t get me wrong. The idea is there. But the execution is not. And the execution is the biggest part. If you have a walk-on football player whose only skill is catching two-yard passes for game-winning scores, maybe don’t make him the sole star of the commercial. Put someone else in this thing to do the heavy lifting. Kind of like SNL did when J.J. Watt hosted. They gave him the simplest lines and let everyone else do everything. Moral of the story: Don’t just put walk-on’s who make game-winning catches in commercials just because they made game-winning catches.

Also, I love how Ohio State quarterbacks who haven’t even enrolled yet are already inking multi-million dollar deals, while the best a Kansas football player can get is a commercial for the local (not even a national spot) Applebee’s. Fancy like.

(But with that said, to a walk-on from a former walk-on, get paid, brother!)



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