Let Me Be Frank With You…

I want all you readers to interact more.
The above picture was taken by a Korked Bats follower, Chris, before the Saints/Vikings game on Sunday. I first want to say how jealous I am that he had field passes to a game of that magnitude. Now, obviously his “seats” paled in comparison to mine at the Cross Corner Bar & Grill in Brentwood, Tennessee. You know, the one in between the tanning salon and art gallery? No? Well I’m sorry, but let me just tell you, my seats were legit. Anyway, I was going to write about Brett Favre in this section but realized everyone and their mother has beaten this topic to death worse than [Insert metaphor here. This can be your first interaction with the site!]
Over the past few weeks we have been receiving more comments from our readers and that’s fantastic. And yes, even some from people not named Will or spam-bots trying to make us millions by selling an attic full of baseball cards. My bad, that was this guy. Anyway, I know it’s kind of annoying that comments don’t show up on the actual main page and we’re slowly but surely working on changing that, but the more reader input, interaction, ideas, pictures, millions of dollars, ect. that you contribute, the more fun we can have and the more entertaining this site can be.
So if you read a post on this site and all of a sudden something pops into your head like, “Man, my life was exponentially better before reading this garbage Frank just wrote,” don’t just keep those thoughts to yourself. Share them with everyone! Also feel free to send in any pictures or ideas or anything you wish. We get lonely from time to time here at KB and any input from readers is greatly appreciated.
Note to self: If the caller I.D. says
“Barack Obama”, don’t pick up.
First our economy, then the Olympics, now this! I swear, everything President Obama gets involved with implodes faster than Ja Rule’s career. After raising over $1.3 million in less than 24 hours for the immediate relief of Haitian victims, the top ranked (not for long) University of Kentucky Basketball team received a phone call from the President thanking them for their efforts and wishing them luck for the rest of the season. لعبت بوكر Hours later their previously unblemished 19-0 record fell to 19-1. Coincidence? I think not.

You can’t just change your nickname, you Big Baby.

Pun intended. Glen Davis is tired of his nickname “Big Baby” and has announced he no longer desires to be referred to as such. I haven’t read the book on nickname rules and guidelines (I’ve been meaning to pick it up), but I do know nicknames are to be given to you by others and not created and governed by one’s self. Unless you’re like Chad Ochocinco and legally change it. Anything he does is OK in my book (which I highly recommend, great read). Speaking of Ochocinco, you gotta love the originality of Davis’s “new nickname” which I hope never catches on, “Uno Uno”. Wonder where you got that idea, Glen?

This is really awkward.
Kobe, stick to what you’re best at, this.
AT&T needs a lesson in prioritization.

Does anyone actually listen to Luke Wilson in his AT&T commercials? betfinal Yea, I didn’t think so. Well, in an attempt to rebut the Verizon map commercials that advertise the extensive coverage of the Verizon network (you know, a very relevant factor in choosing a cell provider), Luke Wilson argues that Verizon doesn’t let you surf the internet on your phone during a phone call. They also manage to act out the only fathomable circumstance where this feature would actually be useful, a friend using you as their “phone a friend” in a game show. Furthermore (for some reason using that word reminded me of 8th grade English class), even if you were to receive such an urgent call, there is no way you could look anything up in the 30 seconds allotted to you. If anyone chose AT&T over Verizon for this feature alone, consider yourself a buffoon.

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