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It’s pretty much Thanksgiving. I slept in today. There’s not many funny things going on in the world of sports on this the 24th of November that I can think of. So, you’re stuck with a one topic LMBFWY post today. The good news: You don’t have to read as much!

(Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Pearl. How precious.)

Look, I don’t try and show my blatant agenda against all things orange too too often. But when you have a sports program who constantly writes its own jokes through the combination of numerous felonies, armed robberies, drug charges, obnoxious cheating coaches, and mediocre play in all sports not called womens basketball, its just too easy. Once again they’ve embarrassed themselves leaving the rest of the country with nothing to do but shake their heads,  point, and laugh.

Yesterday, Bruce’s plastic faced, gold digging, moronic companion new wife posted this as her Facebook status:

“I now know of two Jewish men who have been crucified. Lord be with my hubby’s spirit. We will get through this.”

Brandy Pearl, you, my friend, are a COMPLETE idiot. You straight up compared your husband’s 8 game suspension and pay cut due to numerous recruiting violations and LYING to the NCAA to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

You know, this morning when I stubbed my toe getting out of bed I started to draw a lot of comparisons to the terrorist attacks of 9/11. And last week when my goldfish died I finally truly realized what the victims of the Holocaust went through. And did anyone lose a tree in last night’s thunderstorm? I did and now can really relate to Hurricane Katrina victims.

And how about the comments? Not one of them had the sanity to say, “Wait a minute, Brandy. That was the most far fetched thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Ole Tammy Garber thought they were “wise words”. Vince Trotter is convinced all the money in Tennessee will soon read “In Bruce We Trust”. Burke Wallis lied misled and claimed the people of Tennessee are behind him all the way. Untrue. I’m a person of Tennessee and I’m not behind any of this nonsense.

Bruce Almighty and his Volunteers take the court tonight against VCU at 7:00 pm Eastern.

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