Let Me Be Frank With You…

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Okay guys, this post is going to be very abbreviated due to the fact I haven’t been able to take my eyes off of CBS and don’t plan on it any time soon. And you should be watching the tourney, too. It’s been GREAT so far. So I imagine you don’t have much time to read. With that in mind, here’s my thoughts on the first couple rounds of games:

Ogilvy’s mustache offends me.

Let me offer my apology for the picture quality. It was taken on my broken phone and you can’t really tell just how unacceptable the mustache really was. But if you were watching the game, you surely share my thoughts of disgust. I thought about calling CBS and informing them they should be censoring that thing with a little black box for the sake of humanity. Luckily Vandy lost so I won’t have to be looking at that anymore.

Speaking of mustaches, I’m thrilled Old Dominion won so Blaine Taylor’s epic lip hair lives on another round.

Sorry about my recent infatuation in mustaches. I guess that’s what happens when you turn 23 and can still count the number of hairs on your face on one hand. Anyway, I totally should have mentioned Blaine during mustache week. That thing could make Wario blush.

This is who they chose to sing “One Shining Moment”?

My favorite song has now been ruined.

Ivan Brothers, go away.

If you haven’t seen these commercials yet, get out from under your rock. I’m already able to recite every line and the tournament just began.

Move over Duke, BYU is the new whitest team in college basketball.

They seriously started 5 white guys, and won. Florida may never recover.

2 thoughts on “Let Me Be Frank With You…

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    March 18, 2010 at 6:45 pm

    Frank I finally have to agree with you about Vandy and the stache. That game was a miserable performance and lacked aggressive play from the Dores. Maybe Ogilvy should stop worrying about how he looks (ex. Frosted Tips, Awkward Ugly mustache) and worry about where his balls have gone and start playing ball!


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