LeBron: Make The ‘White’ Decision

The city of Cleveland is doing everything it can to not become Detroit keep LeBron James around. The Cavaliers and nearly everyone in Ohio want LeBron James to remember that home is where the heart is. And by heart they mean, mediocre players that probably will never help you win a championship.

After meeting with LeBron this past weekend and showing him a personalized Family Guy clip that the team had been working on for over six months, they also showed him this video featuring his highlights and quotes and music from his favorite movie, Gladiator:

However, the city of Cleveland didn’t stop there. They decided to go the way of Saturday Night Live. When you need a boost, call in Betty White of Snickers Super Bowl Commercial Golden Girls and Mary Tyler Moore fame. Betty White brought in Saturday Night Live’s highest ratings since 208 when Ben Afflek hosted, so surely she could keep LeBron James from leaving Cleveland.

Cleveland would like to think so, and stop calling me Shirley.

In lieu of her new show on TV Land, Betty White and the cast of Hot In Cleveland (or also known as: Probably Cancelled After Three Episodes) got together to make this short video to help talk LeBron into staying. The video starts out kind of dumb, as in it probably won’t get LBJ to stay. However, at the end of the video Miss Rose Nylund herself makes a promise that would make anyone in their right mind on Viagra to stay.

So LeBron, if you stay in Cleveland, an 88-year-old actress will “make it worth your while.” Hubba hubba!


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