Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Kyle Brandt Has Quit Appearing On Podcasts After Joining Us On DOING LINES

Less than a week after joining us on DOING LINES (Korked Bats’ fake sports betting podcast), Good Morning Football host Kyle Brandt denounced his desire to go on any other podcast ever again (as seen on the video above). Was DOING LINES the podcast that sent him over the edge? PEOPLE ARE ASKING.

Now was his rant actually about us? Maybe. We have a few theories here…

1. He’s annoyed at the influx. After joining our podcast, a bunch of other people reached out trying to get him their no-name podcasts as well, which I’m sure he found annoying and decided to go on his rant.

2. Just chance. He needed to fill a segment and decided to just rant just to rant. No rhyme or reason to anything.

3. He hated DOING LINES. He lied to our faces over Zoom during our podcast recording and actually hated being on DOING LINES because we broke the news to him that Jean-Claude Van Damme voiced a character in Minions; The Rise of Gru. Understandably. That’s a tough pill to swallow for anyone.

I will admit, the idea of KB hating our pod feels less likely since Kyle’s retweet.

Or, and this is the one we’re definitely telling ourselves…

4. He’s going out on top. He knows that there is no better podcast on the entire Internet than DOING LINES where me and comedian Kyle Ayers (as seen on CONAN) come up with fake betting lines for celeb, comedian, and sports media guests to wager fake money on to donate to fake charities of their choosing and then be added to a leaderboard to compete with other guests. Ridiculous? You bet. But uniquely ridiculous? Of course. If you wanna give it a listen, feel free. If you don’t, feel freer. But I don’t think you’ll find another podcast anything like what we have with DOING LINES. (We’ve also pulled some pretty dope guests over the last season.)


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