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As many of you heard last night, Obama has announced a deal on tax cuts. But who the heck cares?! Because also last night, Josh McDaniels was fired! And the new vacancy as the Denver Broncos head coaching job is more important to this country. Maybe if politics were the most popular sport in the U.S. then it would be more important, but sorry Barrack. You’ll have to sit this post out.

Since 1/32 (or roughly 3%) of all NFL fans are Denver Broncos fans (that fact may not be entirely correct, but let’s move on), it is adamant that we figure out who the Ponies Broncos will hire. Luckily for Broncos fans, the Denver Broncos organization and head coach vacancy enthusiasts everywhere, we have conducted a solid list of candidates for them to consider.

Denver Broncos

Head Coaching Position

Possible Candidates


Jon Gruden

What would a head coaching candadacy list be without him. Heck, my cousin’s pee-wee hockey team was looking to hire him for next year. He’s got to say yes eventually, right?


Bubby Brister

Remember Bubby? Neither do we. In fact, Broncos fans probably have forgotten about the ole backup to John Elway. We know he’s not doing anything with his life. Plus who doesn’t love alliteration?

Sammie Thomas

Sammy may only be in 2nd grade, but let’s face it, Josh McDaniels wasn’t much older. I figured the Broncos would like another young head coach. I mean, wouldn’t be surprised if the Broncos changed their team’s name to the Denver Cougars. Plus, this would meet the NFL’s Rooney Rule.

Bill Belichick

We know he is currently still with the New England Patriots, but he’s probably the best coach to fit in with the Broncos’ system because when he films the opposing team’s practices, he doesn’t get caught until a few Super Bowl rings later.

Tim Tebow

Well, we don’t think this would be a good fit, but you know ESPN does.


To be honest, because the Denver Broncos season couldn’t get much uglier.


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