Jean-Claude Van Dammuary Is Here!

January is universally recognized as the worst month of the calendar year but everyone who doesn’t have a birthday this month. It’s cold. It’s dark. The magic of the holiday season is gone. My annual crippling depression seeps back into my life, perpetuated by the Tennessee Titans failing to make the playoffs of course, and there is no happiness or joy whatsoever.

That is exactly why we took matters into our own hands and round-house kicked January right in the teeth by launching #JeanClaudeVanDammuary.

A chance for us to honor the greatest living thespian of this (and any) generation. Each day throughout January, we share a unique photo or video of the legend himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme. No longer will he just be known for Bloodsport. No longer will he be known as the action star who was in that one movie with Dennis Rodman back in the day. NAY! No, now he will finally be given the respect he deserves. If we have a month for breast cancer, pride, and black history, then it’s about time we have a month dedicated to the man who once stopped a terrorist attack during Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final in which the Vice President was in attendance. So join us in celebrating the life and career of everyone’s favorite Belgian actor, martial artist, and conservationist.

Ladies and gentlemen, happy Jean-Claude Van Dammuary.


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