Is The Voice of the Titans Mike Keith Lowkey Jacked? PEOPLE ARE ASKING

Training camps kicked off last week, which means we’re well underway in BEST SHAPE OF HIS CAREER SZN. You’ll get reports from beat writers about how players are looking lean and feeling faster. We even got a little of it from Arden Key.

But a player we were not expecting to look so svelt isn’t even actually a player. It’s the voice of the Titans himself, Franklin, Tennessee’s finest, Mr. Mike Keith. The dude most known for his SAAAAAAAACK call showed up to camp looking JAAAAAAAACKED. Just look at this man.

Damn. Here I thought Derrick Henry was the most impressive specimen in two-toned blue. But we may need to get Derrick Henry on Mike’s workout plan. The dude showed up to camp looking more chiseled than the Parthenon. Maybe it’s time we promote the Voice of the Titans to the Face of the Titans? Or at very least the chest of the Titans. Check those pecks and the definition of the arms. Forget P90x, get me on P90vott. I knew the VOTT had great pipes, but never realized he had great pipes.

Mike Keith is one of the hardest-working men in the Titans facility. From his work on gamedays, to his recording of the Official Titans Podcast (OTP), to all of his TV work, to his reading of Korked Bats (sup, Mike?), the man stays busy. But still not nearly as busy as that FitBit on his wrist. That thing counts more steps a day than Eddie George, Chris Johnson, and Derrick Henry’s combined career rushing yards.

Mike Keith’s FitBit after one day of work:

Mike, wherever you may be, please share your secret. Especially to those of us who want to shed our dad bods and get your play-by-play bod.

Also, this entire blog was solely written because of this…


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