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If You Expand The College Football Playoff, It Will Become Facebook

Watch the video for the full take.

Where are my early Facebook adopters at? History lesson: when Facebook first launched in 2004, it was exclusively for Harvard students. As it grew popular, it expanded to other schools. روليت اون لاين Eventually every school was allowed to register for THE Facebook. It was cool because you could only register with a .edu email address. It was cool because it was exclusive.

Exclusivity is cool.

But then they opened it up to high schoolers. I remember the day they did too. It suddenly became a little less cool. Like a night club that allows people under 21 in their doors. Like, I’m still gonna dance, but I liked it more when it was exclusive to people my own age. bet365 sports

After a while, however, Facebook allowed anyone to register. And that was it. The death of Facebook. Suddenly you were seeing your grandma and Aunt Susan both on Facebook. It was awkward. You’d have to go through your photos and untag yourself in any keg stand photos. Delete any wall posts from a boy or girl you like just so you’re not asked about it next time you were home. It really started to suck. And now college football is as cool as Zuckerberg trying to surf.

That’s what I think the College Football Playoff would become if it expands.

Think about how political Facebook is now. You can’t go on there without seeing some sort of political argument breaking out in the comments of… a picture of the cookies your cousin Dana made?? WTF?! Well, we got a taste of politics creeping into college football this year. Jimbo Fisher, Ryan Day, Dabo Swinney, Brian Kelly all campaigning for their right to be in the playoff. If you expand the field you’re only going to get more of that.

Is the CFB Playoff flawed? Oh hell yes. We moved to a Playoff to eliminate the biggest issue with the BCS: where teams like Boise State were never given a real shot at a national title because they were never in a POWER 5 Conference – that name is so damn pretentious, btw. But now, with old people in hotel ballrooms calling the shots, somehow teams like Coastal Carolina, Cincinnati, San Jose State, and the other UCF’s of the world are even MORE disrespected than they were in the BCS. How?! I mean, how is a 3-loss Iowa State team ranked above an undefeated Coastal Carolina when the Cyclones lost to Louisiana and Coastal beat Louisiana? موقع ٣٦٥ How can you say you think they’re a better team when they have a common opponent? Is it the conference they play in? How is it that Coastal is disrespected for their conference when the Sun Belt went 3-0 against the Big 12 this season?? People say, “Well, they would never be able to hang in the playoff.” Right. I’ve heard that before. UCF would get waxed by an SEC team (beat Auburn 34-27). Boise State will get destroyed by Oklahoma (we all know how this one ended up). I’m not saying you’re wrong in saying that or even believing that. All I’m saying is haven’t these teams earned the right to try? Going undefeated is hard no matter what conference you’re in. If going undefeated in a “lesser” conference was easy, why don’t more teams do it?

Again, the College Football Playoff has its issues. Major issues. But the answer isn’t to expand the field.

Let me put it in other sports terms. What if Augusta National Golf Club became less strict about who they allow to be members and started letting more people join? I’d be willing to bet the Club wouldn’t look as nice every April when The Masters rolled into town. College football is the same way.

Of the 18 College Football Playoff games that have been played (National Championship Games included), there have been ELEVEN (11!) blowouts. Think about that: well over half of the College Football Playoff games we watch aren’t even close. And yet, some people are clamoring for MORE? It will only get uglier and uglier the further you get down the standings.

The thing about college football is, the undefeated teams in the sport are undefeated for a reason. They’ve been battle tested. And they know how to win. That’s why, in my opinion, the BCS had it right. You may not have liked it, but every year they put in the best teams from Game 1 to Game 13. They didn’t reward a team for how they’re playing RIGHT NOW – a factor that is only used for certain teams in arguments, but not all teams – but rather, they rewarded the teams that were consistently great all season.

I know I may be in the minority with this take, but I will continue to be outspoken about it, because I don’t want to see college football go the way of college basketball, where the regular season means little to nothing, because the playoff is so big. I don’t want to see college football become what Facebook is today.


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