Saturday, July 20, 2024

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Here Ye! Here Ye! Today Is Thine King’s Birthday! Celebrate With Our Best Derrick Henry Content

30 years ago today, one of the greatest human beings to ever touch a football came sliding out of a womb that I can only imagine was the size of Mammoth Cave. That was the first hole Derrick Lamar Henry Jr. ever hit. And now, 30 years later he has an entire comedic sports blog that calls itself The #1 Derrick Henry Fan Site On The Internet™, where, for years, we have churned out so much Derrick Henry content. Including countless breakdowns. So to honor his birthday, in what could be his last birthday as a Tennessee Titan (we hope not), we decided to collect all of those breakdowns into one blog.

So look, with you being back at work this week and it being so cold outside. You might as well procrastinate and watch some of these. Things are slow anyway. Knock out the last few hours at your desk job by watching Derrick Henry at his. Watch him piss all over defenders (metaphorically of course) and mark them as his territory. It would be disrespectful not to. And he deserves your respect and time.


(in chronological order of creation)


Here’s a song (and its remix) that we wrote about Derrick Henry! Bump this at your next tailgate!

And a road trip we took earlier this season to see the King play in person.


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