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Happy 50-Year Anniversary To Oregon Blowing Up A Dead Whale Carcass

Seems like there’s something new to celebrate everyday. Two days ago, I’m sure it was International Take-Out Chinese Food Day. سباق الحصان Yesterday, I it was probably National Tire Swing Day. قوانين الروليت And according to Houston Rockets Twitter, today it’s Russ Westbrook’s birthday. Talk about an awkward turtle.

But today is something we can ALL get behind. 50 years ago today, the fine people of Oregon needed to get rid of a beached whale carcass. But instead of pushing it back out into the ocean, they took the more American approach and said, “Let’s just blow it up. كيف تلعب بلاك جاك

The video above is the news story about this monumental moment. Happy. anniversary to a day we should celebrate annually, National Dead Whale Bomb Day.


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