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Friday Fun: Social Media Movies

As many of you know, there is a new movie coming out soon called The Social Network. This movie is all about the true story of the start of Facebook. The movie stars Jesse Eisenberg as Facebook “founder” Mark Zuckerberg. We are very excited to see this movie considering, well, when we’re not on Korked Bats, we’re on Facebook. So when we’re not on Facebook, we’d like to watch a movie about Facebook.

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We’ve made jokes before about how they were thinking about making a Twitter movie, but it was only going to be a short film. Or they wanted to make a Twitter movie but movie executives felt audiences would have trouble keeping up with 140 characters. Or they are going to make a Twitter movie, it’s just going to be a documentary of Justin Bieber’s next world tour. Or if they make a Twitter movie and then years later, they remake it, would it be a Retweet? Or they were going to make a Twitter movie, but writers felt it would be difficult to write an entire script in under 140 characters.

Anyway, that’s enough of the Twitter movie jokes, because someone one-upped our jokes and actually made a preview for the new Twitter movie. NOTICE: the similarities between this preview and The Social Network preview above. Enjoy this video, it’s pretty funny when compared to the video above.

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Enjoy your Friday.


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