Saturday, July 13, 2024

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Friday Fun: Friday Flatulence

Is there anything funnier than fart noises?


News stories about kids getting in trouble for farting on school buses.

It’s even funny just typing that.

How slow of a news day is it to where you are reporting a story about a kid who is summoned to detention for cutting the cheese on the big cheese? I mean is the economy in your town all of a sudden booming? Did they run out of footage of water skiing squirrels? No one in your town was robbed, killed or climbing in your bedrooms, snatchin’ yo people up?

Another funny thing about this video, is how concerned the mom seems and how hilarious the dad thinks it is. You can tell that the father and son sit around watching TV at home and have fart contests back and forth. In fact, this is probably the only instance in which the son got a high five from his dad after receiving detention.


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