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Friday is definitely that day of the week that seems like a doughnut hanging from a string a few feet in front of us while we run on a treadmill. The faster we run, it seems as if we’ll never reach it. All week, Friday seems to never get here.

However, finally, we just get fed up stop the treadmill, get off, and eat that doughnut like we’re a lion devouring into an antelope on Planet Earth.

That’s what today is.

The day we jump off the treadmill and eat doughnuts like Planet Earth lions.

If I haven’t lost you yet, then please, stick with me.

Do you have that one member of your family that you always forget their name? You know, he’s that second or third cousin once removed. You always see him at family reunions, around town, or at your grandma’s house. Yet, every time your memory fails you with recalling his name. In fact, you always forget he’s in your family until you see him.

That’s what the Milwaukee Bucks are to NBA fans.

We always remember the Lakers, the Cavaliers, heck, even the Knicks and Trailblazers. However, it’s that one team from the Land of 1000 Lakes that nobody can seem to remember. In fact, when they made it into the NBA playoffs as a 5 seed, all NBA fans across the country, in unison, said, “Ohhhhh Yeahhhhh! The Bucks!”

If you are one of the common NBA fans who usually forgets about the Milwaukee Bucks, then watch this video.

You’ll probably still forget about the Milwaukee Bucks on a regular basis. But, at least you’ll be entertained.

Catch the Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks play tonight in Game 6 on ESPN at 6 pm CT.


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