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This week sucked, didn’t it? It went by so slowly. (Actually, it didn’t take any longer than any other week in the history of time). But hey, at least we have the weekend to look forward to, right?! Now, granted, we get one hour less of this weekend than we do most weekends (Daylight Savings Time on Saturday night), it’s still a weekend, right? Ah, who am I kidding? That is nothing to look forward to.

However, we here at Korked Bats take pride in helping to turn that frown upsidedown. So, carpe diem, seize the day, live long and prosper, never give up on your dreams because they will never give up on you, and other inspirational quotes! It’s Friday. Let’s enjoy it!

Baseball is right around the corner. And by corner, I mean month. You can almost smell it. And by it, I mean the HGH fuming out of Rick Ankiel’s body. So dust off the ole cleats and ball mit. And by ball mit, I mean ball glove (no one says ball mit anymore). Today’s Friday Fun helps to get you back into spring training shape to get ready for the upcoming grueling 162-game season.

The videos below will help you not only enhance your game, but will allow you to have fun doing it. So grab a ball and a glove, and by the looks of the video, you can do it all by yourself.

Tom Emanski ain’t got nothin’ on Kige Ramsey!

How To Throw A Baseball

How To Swing A Baseball Bat

Ah, what the heck, why stop with just baseball?! Spring football for college football is in full swing all across the country. Let’s learn some football skills too!

How To Throw A Football

How To Kick A Football

And what about March Madness? Everyone knows the keys to victory are shooting (and making) free throws! Let’s learn how to accomplish such a feat.

How To Shoot A Free Throw

And I don’t know about you guys, but my motto has always been, “Look good, feel good, play good.” So before you hit the field or court, make sure you look your best! This includes you, zit face! Clear up that acne, with help from Kige!

How To Solve Acne

And finally, for after you hit the game winning home run, make the game winning shot, or pop the game winning zit, you’re going to want to score with the ladies as well. Well, lucky for you, you won’t be clueless in doing so. Kige, has humbly offered his advice in dating as well. So grab the pen and paper, because you’re going to want to take some notes!

Relationship Advice


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