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After three Tennessee Volunteer players were arrested for armed robbery earlier this week, the non-Tennessee student, Corey Zickefoose, who was had a gun pointed in his face by the football player attacker, claimed that the players should be allowed to play football again.

Only in Tennessee…

Here is the quote from Mr. Zickefoose:

Corey Zickefoose: I think they should still be able to play football, regardless. Tennessee is my place. You know, it’s my football team.

Reporter: Even after they put a gun in your face, you say let them play football?

Corey Zickefoose: Yeah. It’s Tennessee. That’s the way it is sometimes.


Welp, without further adieu, let’s show you a video of some MORE embarrassing Tennessee Volunteers fans!

This seems like one of those ideas you draw up in the third grade and after realizing it is a dumb idea by, I don’t know, maybe the fourth grade, you never bring it up again.

Welp, Tennessee fans will never cease to surprise you.

I mean heck,
It’s Tennessee.
That’s the way it is sometimes.

P.S. You think they would ever let Kellen Winslow Jr. into their “ARMY”? I mean, he is a soldier!


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