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• It’s Friday! The Day of the FAN! •

College Football Season brings us yet another Friday. So Korked Bats brings you yet another Friday Fan. A post where we like to poke fun at college football fans from across the country.

Today we go east to Clemson, South Carolina.

Back on September 10th, 2009, this fan was having a tough day. Clemson came back from a 24 point deficit only to lose by a field goal to conference opponent Georgia Tech.

I don’t seem to understand why this fan is so upset. He obviously must be a freshman, because he doesn’t seem to have a grasp on the fact that Clemson hasn’t been all too relevant in college football since Woodrow Dantzler. (Who, by the way, was absolutely unstoppable in EA Sports NCAA Football ’02… Just FYI.)

Any Clemson upperclassman, please fill this kid and let him know that Clemson football is going to let you down. It’s a scientific fact.

The only thing that keeps the fans coming back to games is the hopes to see the purple on purple unis being busted out.

So, Mr. Clemson Fan Temper Tantrum Man (because I’m sure that’s your last name), cheer up, and quit crying like a Clemdaughter.

(I think the kid in the video below is the same kid in this video.)


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